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Who We Are

S.T.R.I.V.E. was founded in 1997 and was established as a (501c 3) non-profit organization in 2012. It is dedicated to youth programs which promotes the advancement of youth. We have an active board, one major fundraiser, and provide a safe place for summer activities, including mentoring.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote education, physical fitness, and social development in partnership with law enforcement and educators as mentors.


“We can’t wait for Brains and Body to start every summer. It is the best program ever”.– - Jordan and Jacob Spears McTigue Elementary - Grades 6 & 3
“I have two sons that participated in Brains and Body. One of my sons had limited social skills. This school year, for the first time, he has friends and has no behavior issues with all A’s in both first and second quarters. On top of that he also lost weight. My other son looks forward to Brains and Body every year and starts talking about it long before summer begins. Both my son are excelling in math and science.”– - Tonielle Matthews, Parent of Brains and Body participants

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